Ivy Lu

Three words that describe me:

Dedicated: When I am determined to do a project, I stick to it until it’s done well.
Positive:  I maintain a cheerful disposition, especially if I am dealing with problems.
Straightforward: Honesty is the best policy, but kindness must be part of it.

Favorite college:
Harvard is my dream school!  Even though I have never visited Harvard, its reputation for offering the best education is famous.

Special moment in my career:

“Good job!” My director said, after I finished a presentation, in English, to several senior managers in Singapore. I was really encouraged.

If you were 16 years old again, what would you do differently?

Besides studying more, I would also learn art, dance, travel internationally, and get to experience the world beyond academics.

Describe your ideal student:

I like students who have their own dreams, not their parents’ aspirations for them. Such students are, in my opinion, usually more creative, daring, and optimistic. Even if they know that there may be difficulties in attaining their dreams, they will take the initiative to pursue them.



Ivy Lu, Office Manager

Ivy is originally from Hebei, China. She earned her Master’s degree in Horticulture from Zhejiang University. She has three years of HR executive experience at Singhealth, the largest healthcare services company in Singapore. Prior to coming to IvyClimbing, she did analyzed and reported on HR data.