How to Find and Apply For Summer Internships (2/10/2013)

February 10, 2013  |  2:00 pm– 5:00 pm

Grade Level: 9 - 12   |  Class Cap: 16

Course Fee: $150 (snack provided)

It’s February – so why are we talking about Summer Internships? Because applications and interviews will be coming soon. Will you be ready?

Maybe you’ve heard about Summer Internships, but don’t know how to locate them or how to be successful in getting one. Maybe you’re curious about the application process or the interview process. Maybe you’d like to know how to increase your odds for being selected. And wouldn’t you like to know how to find a paid internship?

Companies, educational institutions and non-profits create and promote Summer Internship programs for high school students for many reasons. These internships can give you invaluable opportunity to learn about the working world generally, and also provide you with experience and knowledge about specific industries and companies, or about various causes and campaigns.

This class will enable you to understand the types of Internships available and the general process to apply for them.

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Examine yourself and the ‘skills’ you possess
  • Identify an internship you would be interested in and would be best suited to your skills
  • Construct a resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments
  • Conduct yourself in the best way possible to successfully interview for an internship
  • Get the most out an internship once you have found one!

This is a half-day course that will cover:

  • What exactly is a Summer Internship
  • How to do a self assessment of skills you possess
  • Elements of a good Resume and how to begin preparing one
  • How to prepare an ‘Elevator Speech’ that promotes yourself
  • Practice answering Behavioral Interview questions
  • How to get the most out of a Summer Internship Experience


Chris Vasquez

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Chris Vasquez

Chris Vasquez has over thirty years experience in Human Resources holding increasingly responsible positions in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity Programs, Employee Relations, HR Systems, Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits and Labor Relations. Chris most recently held the position of Director of Recruiting for the Lockheed Martin Corporation.  In this capacity, Chris directed the hiring of thousands of employees throughout the United States for Lockheed Martin. Chris was also on the University Relations Team that recruited at top US colleges and has extensive experience as an interviewer.

Chris served on the Board of the San Jose G.I. Forum Scholarship Foundation in San Jose, California and also volunteered for the Role Model Program in the Bay Area, giving presentations on Careers at local schools.

Chris has attended many management development programs at such schools as Santa Clara University and Carnegie Mellon University and holds a BA degree in Psychology from Stanford University.