Using Brain Science to Discover Your Natural Strengths & Abilities (6/24/2013 to 6/28/2013) – CLOSED

June 24, 2013  |  9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Grade Level: Rising 8 - 12 (minimum age 13)   |  Class Cap: 20

Course Fee: $559 (lunch & snack provided)

Do you know who you really are, or why you think and act the way you do? Would you like to understand more about yourself – about the choices you make when you interact with others, make decisions, or adopt attitudes, values or beliefs? Scientific findings in the field of neuroscience are revealing a lot about how the brain works to create the person we are in the world.

In this five-day class, we explore what we know about the brain and its impact on who we are. Once you know yourself better, you can begin to apply this knowledge to

  • Become more self-confident and feel good about yourself and your capabilities
  • Increase your success in and out of school, by knowing how to operate from your natural strengths
  • Explore your future possibilities (college, career) from an informed vantage point
  • Help minimize the potential for conflicts at home
  • Reduce stress and improve relationships by developing better communication skills.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1: Introduction to 4 primary ways our brains process information. In this class, you will learn that how specific brain operations affect your values, needs, motivations and actions. Each student will complete a self-assessment survey to assess their own brain preferences for processing information, and will gain a better understanding of how they think, make decisions and learn.

Day 2: Identifying strengths and ways to support your best performance. Each of us has different skills and abilities that come easier for us depending upon how our brain processes information. We will apply this information to understand our strengths and limitations and also identify which things to avoid that cause stress and insecurities for our particular brain pattern.

Day 3 Effective communication with each other based on recognizing how the other person thinks. Building on the knowledge we gained in Day 1 and Day 2, students will learn cues and clues to present information effectively to others so they can be heard, understood and appreciated, as well as be able to present themselves well in interviews and other important conversations.

Day 4: Being honest with yourself and avoiding conflict with others. Are you best as a team player or independent worker? Are you an introvert who is more reserved and shy or an extrovert who can talk to anybody? How do you respond to authority? Your brain’s preferred thinking pattern affects these aspects of your personality, behavior and ability to get along well with others. This class will help students identify their true nature to best manage and avoid conflict with others. Knowing preferred thinking patterns will also enhance the student’s ability to make good choices for studies, careers and community involvement.

Day 5: Goals and dreaming up your future. You are what you think, and this final class teaches you how to set goals and train the brain to be positive and support you in achieving your goals and overcoming fears or negative thinking. Because our brains make decisions based on how we process information, each of the 4 primary brain patterns approaches goal setting differently and students will learn strategies that are best for them.

Special Instructions: None. Students will be given notebooks for their use during the week. Laptops are not required. Bring whatever you will need to feel comfortable (for example, a sweater) during your time with us.

This is a summer class for high school students.

Registration for this class will close 48 hours before the class begins. If you have not yet registered your student during those final 48 hours, please contact us so that we may confirm whether seats are still open for the class.


Tracy Chew

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Tracey Chew has been a Nonprofit Executive since 2001 working in small and large organizations in the Bay Area.   She knows the challenges that leaders face and she also knows the struggle we all have to maintain a healthy personal life/work balance. She has developed an expertise in keeping a positive focus, visualizing goals and overcoming limiting fears and beliefs.  Tracey enjoys teaching others how to increase their positive energy, reconnect with their strengths and passion, and achieve their goals more quickly.

Since 2009, she has been coaching Executives and upper management teams in the Bay Area.  She is certified in various techniques that help clients change their mindsets and overcome obstacles and fears.  It is her mission to teach people to retrain their brains to have more positive thinking on autopilot and more energy to create the life they want.

In 2011, Tracey began developing and presenting workshops for teens to teach the latest information in neuroscience about how the mind works and how to train the brain for more positive thinking, increased focus, reduced stress and improved self-esteem.

Tracey holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech; a BA. In Sociology from UCLA; is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner; and is a certified Level 2 Trainer of the  Ritberger Personality Method: