Writing from the Everyday Experience to Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary (2/24/2013)

February 24, 2013  |  1 pm – 8 pm

Grade Level: 9 - 12   |  Class Cap: 20

Course Fee: $250 (dinner and snacks provided)

Students are often told to “write what they know” with little explanation of what that actually means, how to go about it, or why it’s an important skill for any writer. In this class students will read and discuss examples of compelling writing both fiction and non-fiction, that draws heavily on the writers every day experience. They will practice writing from their own experiences to construct exciting narratives, as well as hone their skills in that other often used but little explained adage: “show don’t tell.”

Students will leave this class with an understanding that they have a wealth of experiences to draw from when approaching stories and college essay writing, and the tools they need to craft those experiences into compelling narratives that will set them apart. Come and learn how to turn every day ordinary experiences into extraordinary writings!


Katie May

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Katie May holds degrees in biology, theater, and creative writing from Albertson College, and an MFA in playwriting from ASU. Her plays have been produced all around the country and as far away as Australia. She is an active member of the Writer’s Pool for the theater company SF Playground where she was the recipient of an E-merging Writer’s Award in 2011, and is the recipient of grants from the Virginia Piper Creative Writing Center, and the Society for Women in Film. Katie has taught writing for ASU, College of Idaho, the National University Singapore, and in creative writing programs. There is nothing she enjoys more than telling stories and helping her students to tell theirs.