Frequently Asked: Visitors

Visitors: Rising Freshmen through First-Semester Juniors

What’s the difference between you and other admissions consulting services?                                                                                    IvyClimbing offers unmatched focus and expertise in college planning. Our know-how is reflected in our client base: IvyClimbing is a 100% referral-based business. Our families come back and bring their friends! For more information, please contact our Office Manager to request our “Points of Pride” statements.

Do you meet with 8th-grade or younger students?                            Upon request, we will meet with students before high school when spaces are available.

Do you offer any tutoring classes for students to prepare SAT/ACT?  We focus 100% on our admissions advising services. Therefore, we advise students about testing, but we do not provide test-prep services.

Can my child work with IvyClimbing on applications for summer research programs?                                                                        IvyClimbing no longer offers summer program package service to 9th and 10th grade students.

Do you offer any public seminars?                                                        We do not offer seminars for the general public. For our package students (rising seniors and seniors), we offer a series of classes covering everything from admissions essays to letters of recommendation to campus interviews.

What should I do to make an appointment with you?                          You can reach us online, or please call our Office Manager. You can kick-start the advising process by filling out our student survey.