Frequently Asked: Package Students

College Application Package Students: Rising Seniors and Seniors

What’s the difference between you and other admissions consulting services?

IvyClimbing offers unmatched expertise and availability to our students. With our small advisor-to-student ratio and unlimited meetings, we offer the highest level of support to our students along their journey to college. For more information, please contact our Office Manager to request our “Points of Pride” statements.

How do you select students for your package advising service? Do you accept only advanced students? What kinds of students do you work with?                 

At IvyClimbing, we help students find the right college fit. For some students, that’s an elite institution like Harvard or Stanford; for others, it’s a small, selective private school like Pomona College or Reed College; for others, it’s a highly ranked public school like the University of Washington or UC San Diego. We do push our students to develop themselves to become the best college applicants they can be, but we do not work with only elite students. We work with motivated students at all levels of achievement.

What is the best time to sign up for your college application package service?

Families interested in our package service will meet with us starting November of their student’s junior year. We will release package service information at that time, and set our first meetings in November. Parents can contact our Office Manager to set a meeting for November.

How long does your package service cover?                                          We work with students beginning the winter of their junior year, and support them until they move into their college dorms.

How often do we come to the office after signing the package?            Students work with their advisors according to their needs, travel schedules, and learning styles. There is no set number of meetings per package student, and no maximum number of meetings. Some students meet with their advisors once a week, while others come to the office in person less often, and work by email between meetings. Some students work on their essays and other application elements from home, while others treat our office as their office, and work at IvyClimbing even when they don’t have meetings scheduled. It’s up to your student and her/his advisor to work out a schedule that suits the student.

Do you offer any tutoring classes for students to prepare SAT/ACT?  We focus 100% on our admissions advising services. Therefore, we advise students about testing, but we do not provide test-prep services.

Do you offer any public seminars?                                                      We do not offer seminars for the general public anymore. For our package students, we offer a series of classes covering everything from admissions essays to letters of recommendation to campus interviews.

How many students do you serve each year?                                      With large student-to-counselor ratios sweeping across California schools, the greatest value provide may be our one-on-one, in-person, close student mentorship in a caring environment. Our student-advisor ratio is approximately 7 to 1.