Our Name

Our name, “IvyClimbing”, was chosen to reflect the rigorous process of applying for college admissions – one steady step at a time.

Just as a mountain climber begins his ascent up the mountain at base camp—gathering together the tools for his climb—our students thoroughly prepare for their journey to the top. IvyClimbing is their “base camp” the place where they build the skills that will carry them as high as they want to go.

Just as a mountain climber grips with all of his might to sheer walls of granite and clings to the edges of rock as thin as a dime, our students know there will be challenges ahead as they begin to climb. With the IvyClimbing team at the base of the mountain, looking up and cheering them on, our students sharpen their focus and continue onward with unquenchable energy and steely resolve. When faced with twists and turns along the way, climbers can count on the base camp to provide team every step of the way: knowledge, insight, experience, wisdom, and unfailing support.

Just as a mountain climber never stops thinking about the next mountain she will conquer, our students stand at the summit they have finally reached, breathe in the fresh air, and look straight ahead—secure in the knowledge that they can keep climbing, for all of their lives.