Summer Internship/Job Guidance

With any job search comes the need to assess your skills and abilities, develop a good resume and cover letter that reflects those talents, and prepare to apply for positions. A personalized session will provide the student with guidance on skill assessment, resume preparation, and industry tips on how to search for Summer Internships or other jobs of interest.

Our Summer Internship/Job Guidance Service (single student; 60-minute face-on-face session and 60-minute written summary) Includes:

  • A skill review discussion to develop content for resume preparation
  • Guidance on preparing a compelling resume, including a goal statement and cover letter
  • Guidance on how to search for summer internships or other job positions
  • How to prepare to apply for positions, including an introduction to interview preparation
  • A follow-up resume and cover letter review (provided after the session)

This session will help students put forth their talents to a prospective employer the best way possible. A list of employers that hire high school students is provided. As with any competitive process, preparation is critical to success!

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