High School Guidance

Why should you consider our services when most high schools have college guidance counselors?

Overworked counselors simply have too many students to extend the individual attention each student deserves. How can one counselor provide individualized guidance on each student given the student’s strengths and weaknesses when there are several hundred students in the class?

The expectations of and academic standards for high school students today are high. For example, the University of California system requires the completion of core subjects A through G, which are different from the course requirements of selective private colleges. In this diverse educational environment, how do you best prepare for success for the most selective colleges?

More and more families are choosing our services to meet their educational needs. As a premier education consulting company in the San Francisco Bay Area, we supplement the work of each student’s school guidance counselor by working one-on-one with students, customizing a strategic plan of action that includes course selections, extracurricular activities, community involvement, summer planning, and standardized test planning in the most efficient way possible.

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