College Admissions Guidance

IvyClimbing offers a college application package to rising seniors/seniors. We meet and accept new students each year in the spring. Due to the extremely rigorous and complex nature of the college application process, we work with only a very small number of students to ensure the highest quality of service. For the same reason, we do not work with seniors on an hourly basis.

At IvyClimbing, we think of our students as “intellectual athletes” and ourselves as their “coaches.” Students must learn to play a slightly different “game” when they move from school work to college applications. Our staff coaches, working side by side with each student, will design individualized strategies and techniques to achieve unique and outstanding college applications. In college applications, as in athletics, while coaching can bring out the greatest potential of a student, the “player” remains ultimately responsible for his own actions and performance.

Words to describe the college application process:

  • Rigorous; unlike anything else you’ve done
  • Intellectually and physically challenging
  • The heavy workload and high demand on quality is beyond anyone’s imagination

The process takes about 1-1.5 years, encompassing the summer after junior year and the first semester of senior year. So, think of the process as mountain/ivy climbing, which is indeed not for everyone. We cannot emphasize enough the rigorous nature of the process.