College News and Fun Facts: Harvard College

Harvard has the largest academic library in the world, with 15.8 million volumes. Source.

Harvard College’s annual Housing Day is when freshmen, who spend their first year living in and around the Yard Houses, are sorted into one of 12 upperclass Houses. Freshmen are raucously informed of their House assignments early in the morning by the upperclass residents of their new Houses. Source

The Harvard Crimson participates in 42 intercollegiate sports and the fierce rivalry with Yale University is felt by all who attend Harvard. The acme of this rivalry culminates in the Harvard versus Yale football game in the fall known simply as The Game. In fact this tradition dates back to 1875 and Harvard has influenced the way football is played when it created the first ever concrete stadium in 1903. Source

  • Color: Crimson
  • Mascot: John Harvard, the Pilgrim
  • Admit Rate: 5.20% (Class of 2021). Read more