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Williams College

Williams Purple is the new green. Williams has made a strong commitment to being a friendly and responsible member of the global community. Color: Gold, Purple, and White Mascot: Ephelia the Purple Cow Admit Rate: 12.2% (Class of 2022) Read … More

University of Rochester

Boar’s Head Dinner. One of the University’s oldest and most beloved traditions, the Boar’s Head Dinner began in 1934 and is held annually in December. The dinner recalls the spirit of English court dinners, such as those served at Queens … More

Harvey Mudd College

One of the premier engineering, science and mathematics colleges in the United States. Source Student-to-faculty ratio: 8:1 Source 1 – Most Innovative Schools 2 – Best Undergraduate Engineering Program Color: Gold and Black Mascot: Stag and Athenas Admit Rate: 13% … More

Vanderbilt University

AL GORE: The former vice-president and presidential candidate dropped out of Vanderbilt not once, but twice! Ironically, a man who carved out a space for global warming in the national political agenda was fairly terrible at the sciences according to … More

Lafayette College

1,000 NIGHTS. The 1,000 Nights formal is for first-year students only, signifying the roughly 1,000 more days until graduation. It was inspired by the 100 Nights formal held each spring for seniors that marks the number of days until Commencement. … More

Carleton College

Carleton College is also known for its pre-finals, stress-relieving ritual: the “Primal Scream,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Perhaps to further distinguish itself from other colleges that have a similar scream tradition (like Columbia and Stanford), Carleton has … More

Boston University

Marathon Monday — Boston University. For runners, the third Monday in April, the day of the Boston Marathon, marks the high point in a career of grueling physical strain and unwavering mental determination; for BU students, the marathon marks the … More

Colgate University

75,000,000. The university owns a 75-million-year-old dinosaur egg. Lucky 13. The university was originally founded as The Baptist Education Society of the State of New York by 13 men who each offered $13 and 13 prayers. Color: Maroon, Grey and … More

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth’s Latin motto “Vox clamantis in deserto” translates into “the voice of one crying out in the wilderness.” Source As a Homecoming tradition, the freshman class builds a bonfire and runs around it a set number of times in concordance … More

Ohio State University, Columbus

“Buckeye Battle Cry” became the fight song for OSU in 1919 and has been a traditional song ever since. The song is sung during Script Ohio while the “I” is being dotted. Source The ‘O-H! I-O!’ chant is one of … More

Northeastern University

Northeastern’s Co-op (Cooperative Education) Program attracts many applicants to apply. Not only is it one of the most popular programs, Northeastern was actually one of the first schools to instill such a program in 1909. Source Northeastern adopted the nickname … More

Bard College

The Bard College of today reflects in many ways its varied past. Bard was founded as St. Stephen’s College in 1860, a time of national crisis. While there are no written records of the founders’ attitude toward the Civil War, a … More

University of Richmond

Investiture. This event marks the formal introduction of first-year students into the College. Students are introduced to the history of Richmond College, and hear reflections from upper class students. Students sign the Honor Pledge, officially becoming Richmond College students. Color: … More

Vassar College

DAISY CHAIN. As far back as 1889, daisies were used to decorate the chapel for Class Day, the day before Commencement The sophomore class, “sister” class to the seniors, picked the daisies (from the field where the residential quad now … More

Lehigh University

Lehigh and Lafayette has had a rivalry as far back as 1884. Seal and Motto. “Homo Minister et Interpres Naturae,” which translates loosely to “Man, the servant and interpreter of nature,” taken from the works of Francis Bacon, was used … More

Columbia University

Columbia University (New York, NY): What is Orgo Night, you ask? The night before the organic chemistry final, the Columbia University marching band disrupts studies in Butler Library. Stress relief!

Haverford College

Pinwheels Day. This is the day everyone on campus has eagerly awaited, and awaited, and the colorful spinning pinwheels on Founders Green look especially delightful after such a dreary and never-ending winter. Mascot: Black Squirrel Admit Rate: 17.8% (Class of 2025) … More

Princeton University

The first football game, between two different colleges, happened in November of 1869. It was Princeton vs. Rutgers. (Rutgers won, 6-4). The Bonfire. The bonfire is one of the most memorable and sporadic, of all traditional Princeton activities, celebrating that the … More

University of Maryland (UMD)

Notable Alumni: Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, attended UMD and graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1993. Three-time Olympic gymnast, Dominique Dawes, attended UMD and graduated in 2002 after winning the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in … More

Cornell University

Dragon Day goes up in flames. Every March, Cornell celebrates Dragon Day. First-year architecture students build a giant dragon. They parade it across campus and then light it on fire in the Arts Quad. The 2015 dragon is pictured above. Cornell is … More

Purdue University

Big Bass Drum. Known as the “world’s largest drum,” it stands 10 feet tall on its field carriage and is handled by a crew of four band members with two beaters. The drum draws attention wherever it goes from fans … More

College Traditions: Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): At the annual Liquid Latex dance competition, students cover each other in latex paint (and not much else), and perform in a one-of-a-kind and entirely student-run talent show.

College Traditions: Carleton College (Northfield, MN)

Carleton College (Northfield, MN): At 10 p.m. on the night before finals begin, students stick their heads out their windows to share a collective Primal Scream.

College Traditions: Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

Emory University (Atlanta, GA): Dooley, a skeleton figure dressed in black, is the unofficial mascot of the university. During Dooley’s Week in the spring, he wanders the campus, showing up in classrooms to let students out of class.

College News and Fun Facts: Colorado College

A New College in a New City. The college’s first building, Cutler Hall, was occupied in 1880; the first bachelor’s degrees were conferred in 1882. Under President William F. Slocum, who served from 1888 to 1917, the campus took the … More

College News and Fun Facts: Northwestern University

Running a marathon isn’t your thing? Don’t worry – Northwestern doesn’t care whether students who want to put in 26.6 miles, but you better be up for a 30 hour long dance marathon! The Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM) has … More

College News and Fun Facts: Reed College

Renn Fayre. Once an authentic Renaissance Fair, Renn Fayre is now a themed celebration at the end of the academic year. It begins with the Thesis Parade, in which seniors march from the steps of the library to the registrar’s … More

College News and Fun Facts: Connecticut College

History. The College was founded in 1911, but its history began in 1909 when Wesleyan University announced that it would no longer offer admission to women. At that time, more women than ever were seeking higher education and demanding the … More

College News and Fun Facts: Texas A&M University

It’s a campus tradition to put a penny on the foot of the Sul Ross statue for good luck on their exam. Source The Big Event, which is appropriately named, is the largest single-day event with over 20,000 student pitching … More

College News and Fun Facts: Stanford University

Beat Cal Photos. For decades, Stanford fans traveling around the world have used iconic international landmarks as the backdrops to stage clever and spirited Beat Cal photos.  This tradition has grown especially popular among Stanford students who elect to study … More

College News and Fun Facts: Columbia University

Columbia University used to be known as the King’s College. Source. The MGM Studio’s Lion was inspired by Columbia’s Lion mascot. Ad executive Howard Dietz said he decided to use a lion as the company’s mascot as a tribute to his … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Southern California (USC)

USC’s motto, PALMAM QUI MERUIT FERAT, can be loosely translated from the Latin as “let whoever earns the palm bear it.” Source USC’s “Fight On” song was used to inspire combat-bound troops in the Aleutians Campaign during World War II. … More

College News and Fun Facts: Santa Clara University

The words of our fight song, “Fight for Santa Clara,” have been inspiring enthusiasm in Broncos for over a century. Source Color: Red and White Mascot: Bucky the Bronco Admit Rate: 48.3% (Class of 2020). Read more

College News and Fun Facts: Carnegie Mellon University

The Fence. Like Northwestern’s rock and Tufts’ cannon, Carnegie Mellon also boasts a commonly painted object in the middle of campus: the Fence. Except cooler. Why? Because the original wooden fence, before it’s collapse in 1993, was considered the “world’s most … More

College News and Fun Facts: Davidson College

Motto: Alenda Lux Ubi Orta Libertas. Translated “Let Learning Be Cherished Where Liberty Has Arisen,” the motto reflects Davidson’s roots in early American history. There is speculation that the phrase refers to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence that was signed into effect … More

College News and Fun Facts: DePauw University

The Boulder. The Columbian Boulder, known as “The Boulder,” is located in front of East College. It was given to the University in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America. Several alumni bought it from a … More

College Traditions: Barnard College (New York, NY)

Barnard College (New York, NY): During finals week, students enjoy a Midnight Breakfast served by the college president and other members of the administration.

College News and Fun Facts: Yale University

Founders Day. Yale began a new tradition in 2014 of a “Founders Day” event for students, faculty, and staff, to be held annually on a day close to the anniversary of the 1701 founding. Class Day. Class Day takes place … More

College News and Fun Facts: Lewis & Clark College

Lewis & Clark’s journey from pioneer vision to premier institution of higher education began in 1867, 60 miles south of present-day Portland. In that year, the Presbytery of Oregon secured a charter from the state legislature. The church partnered with … More

College Traditions: University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

University of California, Davis (Davis, CA): Once a year, UC Davis students donate their clothes to charity and streak across campus in the late-night Undie Run.

College News and Fun Facts: Bates College

Bates is a small liberal arts college located in Lewiston, Maine. We are proud to offer a rigorous and highly personalized education that centers on deep and sustained interactions among students, faculty, and community. We have a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio. … More

College News and Fun Facts: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Infinite Corridor lines up with the plane of the ecliptic twice a year, filling the 0.16 mile hallway with sunlight. MIT has an “Engineer’s Drinking Song”. The Smoot: In 1958 the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity measured the Harvard Bridge according the … More

College News and Fun Facts: Brown University

The undergraduate curriculum changed drastically in 1970, and eventually became known as the Brown Curriculum. This new curriculum wiped out the core requirements shared by all Brown undergraduates and allowed students to craft their own course of study. The College … More

New Mascots at Harvey Mudd.

This #1 undergraduate engineering college just got some new mascots. In addition to the official mascots of the Claremont-McKenna consortium of schools, the Stags (men’s teams) and Athenas (women’s teams), Mudders celebrate Robespierre the rhino and Timer the squirrel. These … More

College News and Fun Facts: Georgia Institute of Technology

Buzz— who made his first campus appearance in 1980 — is the world-famous and beloved mascot of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Buzz gets Tech fans cheering at nearly all the Institute’s intercollegiate sporting events. RATS Week. If you’re a current … More

College News and Fun Facts: Johns Hopkins University

Students can’t help but wince when outsiders call their beloved college “John Hopkins”… “There’s an S there: Johnsss Hopkins!” The school was named after the 18th-century Quaker entrepreneur and philanthropist Johns Hopkins. He was named after his great-grandmother: Margaret Johns. Source Color: … More

College News and Fun Facts: George Washington University

Welcome to GW at Colonial Inauguration. At CI, our award-winning orientation program, you’ll visit GW with your families to learn more about what life as a Colonial is like. From staying in residence halls to sessions on how to succeed, to registering … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Florida

There’s a house on campus specifically for bats, part of the Florida Bat Conservancy. One of the largest collections of butterfly and moth specimens in the world is housed at the University of Florida McGuire Center, rivaling that of the … More

College News and Fun Facts: Emory University

Dooley’s Week: Dooley, a skeleton used in the biology department in 1899, became the unofficial mascot and guardian of school spirit at Emory. Once every year during Spring an unidentified student dresses up as Dooley and upholds school spirit and creates … More

College News and Fun Facts: Harvard College

Harvard has the largest academic library in the world, with 15.8 million volumes. Source. Harvard College’s annual Housing Day is when freshmen, who spend their first year living in and around the Yard Houses, are sorted into one of 12 upperclass Houses. … More

College News and Fun Facts: Wellesley College

Stepsinging. In a tradition that evolved from informal social gatherings, students began to assemble to sing on the steps of Houghton Chapel after its dedication in 1899. Today, students assemble by class four times a year dressed in their class … More

College News and Fun Facts: Willamette University

Mill Stream: The Mill Stream running through the heart of campus is the place to see and be seen on sunny days. Students usually stay away on their birthdays, or else their friends might throw them in. Source Wulapalooza: Take some … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (UIUC)

Altgeld Hall Bells. Not only do these bells mark the time, but every weekday a concert is held for those walking to class after lunchtime. Along with “Hail to the Orange,” you might just hear the Beatles or Harry Potter! … More

College News and Fun Facts: Oberlin College

Oberlin College’s Art Museum rents out original paintings from the greats, such as Renoir, Picasso and Pollock, to its students for $5 a semester. Source. The first college to graduate women was the Oberlin College. Mary Caroline Rudd, Mary Hosford, and Elizabeth … More

College News and Fun Facts: Pomona College

A popular tradition is “Ski-Beach Day” each spring, where students board a bus in the morning to ski at a local resort, and afterwards bus to a beach for the rest of the day. Color: Gold and Blue Mascot: Cecil … More

College News and Fun Facts: Dickinson College

SIGNING IN/SIGNING OUT. Each year, new Dickinsonians gather in front of Old West’s venerable stone steps. Literally etched with history and scuffed by centuries of students, those steps are part of Dickinson’s most important traditions. MERMAID. As Benjamin Latrobe designed … More

College News and Fun Facts: Bryn Mawr College

The founding of Bryn Mawr carried out the will of Joseph W. Taylor, a physician who wanted to establish a college “for the advanced education of females.” Taylor originally envisioned an institution that would inculcate in its students the beliefs … More

College News and Fun Facts: Wake Forest University

Wake ‘N Shake. What do over 1,200 students do together in Reynolds Gym for 12 continuous hours in March? They dance, sing, play games, hear inspirational stories, and have an outrageous time, all to help find a cure for cancer. … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Michigan

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has an officially sanctioned Squirrel Club. Its sole purpose? To feed peanuts to squirrels. And it’s not as esoteric as you might think. It has 400 members and counting. School Motto: Artes, Scientia, … More

College News and Fun Facts: Occidental College

President Obama first enrolled in occidental College before transferring to Columbia University after his sophomore year. Source Occidental offers the nation’s only residential academic semester program at the UN! Oxy students who are part of this program live together in … More

College News and Fun Facts: Tufts University

“The Daily Cannon” is a beloved student tradition of vandalism. A replica of a U.S.S. Constitution cannon, the Tufts Cannon is painted over on a nightly basis with campus event details and even specific messages such as retirement well wishes … More

College News and Fun Facts: Rice University

Rice University has a puppy room dedicated to pet therapy for students during finals. UPenn Law School has set up a similar program with Penny the therapy dog. Except she’s just one dog. Oh, and she’s stuffed. Source. Color: Blue … More

College News and Fun Facts: Dickinson University

SIGNING IN/SIGNING OUT. Each year, new Dickinsonians gather in front of Old West’s venerable stone steps. Literally etched with history and scuffed by centuries of students, those steps are part of Dickinson’s most important traditions. MERMAID. As Benjamin Latrobe designed … More

College News and Fun Facts: Boston College

Boston College, the first institution of higher education to operate in the city of Boston, is today among the nation’s foremost universities, a leader in the liberal arts, scientific inquiry, and student formation. The “Kirkwood Tickler” is a man who … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of California, Berkeley

Standing at 307 feet tall, the Campanile (also referred to as Sather Tower) is the third tallest bell and clock tower in the world. The stone ball in front of the Campanile is more than a century old, but this … More

College News and Fun Facts: Washington University in St. Louis

The university’s motto, which appears inside an open book in the middle of the university seal, is Per Veritatem Vis, “Strength through Truth.” The motto was adopted in 1915. The current version of the official university seal was created in … More

College News and Fun Facts: Bucknell University

Matriculation Ceremony. At the end of their first day on campus, first-year students gather for the Matriculation Ceremony to mark their official welcome to the Bucknell community. During the ceremony, they receive a pin to commemorate the event and to … More

College News and Fun Facts: Whitman College

The freshmen/sophomore tug-of-war into Lakum Duckum, The pond between Maxey Hall and Memorial Building is named Lakum Duckum as a pun of Americanized Latin. The tug-of-war was a rite of passage for the freshmen men; they were required to wear … More

College News and Fun Facts: Wesleyan University

Four volumes of the Wesleyan University Press poetry series have won the Pulitzer Prize since 1959, including 1994’s winner, Neon Vernacular by Yusef Komunyakaa. Source The Wesleyan shield is a simplified version of a heraldic shield created in the early … More

College News and Fun Facts: Brandeis University

The university was named for Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1939), the first Jewish justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. One of the greatest minds to serve on the high court, Justice Brandeis made an indelible mark on modern jurisprudence by shaping free speech, … More

College News and Fun Facts: Trinity College

Matriculation. The oldest continuously observed tradition at Trinity, matriculation is the symbolic act of enrolling at the College. Every incoming first-year student is asked to sign the matriculation declaration, known as “The Charter and Standing Rules,” first penned in 1826. … More

College News and Fun Facts: New York University

Every year, NYU hosts the Strawberry Festival. What’s so special about that? The NYU cooking staff bakes the largest Strawberry Shortcake in New York, using 2,500 egg yolks, 326 lbs. of pastry flour, and 489 cups of sugar. Source Color: … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Virginia

UVA doesn’t refer to students as freshmen, sophomores, ect, but rather first-years, second-years and so on. Source Many refer to the campus as “grounds.” Source Painting Beta Bridge. The first documented painting of the bridge occurred in late fall 1926, … More

College News and Fun Facts: Georgetown University

Georgetown students like to boast about our awesome Alumni, Bill Clinton and Bradley Cooper.  Who wouldn’t boast if they had grads that were the President of the United States of America and an Academy Award Nominee? Bonus: They stop by … More

College News and Fun Facts: Pitzer College

Farm-to-fork dining hall (with an “A” rating from—one of seven dining halls available to students of The Claremont Colleges. #1 for the most student Fulbrights at an undergrad institution for 6 straight years—The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2010-2015. Color: Orange … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740. You did not misread that. Yes, it existed 47 years before PA even became a state. In an effort to “toast” to their football team’s success, University of Pennsylvania students throw toast onto … More

College Traditions: Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)

Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA): Happy birthday! On your birthday at Occidental, prepare to be tossed into Gilman Fountain by your fellow students.

College News and Fun Facts: Smith College

Five College Consortium. Student and faculty exchanges, joint faculty appointments, joint course offerings, Ph.D. programs, combined library catalogues and borrowing privileges between Smith and nearby Amherst, Mount Holyoke and Hampshire colleges and the University of Massachusetts. Rally Day. A Smith … More

College News and Fun Facts: Scripps College

Graffiti Wall. In spring of 1931, the first graduating class signed Graffiti Wall. Located between Toll Hall and Browning Hall, this area provides a place for the graduating class to create an artistic logo or image unique to them and … More

College News and Fun Facts: Claremont McKenna College

Outstanding government program. There’s no better way to learn about the intricacies of U.S. government and politics and their impact on the world than to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. While our nation’s capital is best known for politics, … More

College News and Fun Facts: Duke University

When it comes to Duke student attendance at basketball games, only those dedicated enough get in. This is especially the case when it comes to the infamous Duke-UNC rivalry. In order to attend the home game against UNC, Duke students must … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Notre Dame

In Fisher Hall, it’s the Fisher Regatta, a one-on-one boat racing tournament held each April on St. Mary’s Lake that is open to all dorms, with most halls entering at least one home-made watercraft. Usually drawing more than 1,000 participants with boats … More

College News and Fun Facts: Babson College

The world’s #1 recognized institution for Entrepre­neurship education, whose mission is to prepare entrepreneurial leaders to create economic and social value everywhere. Babson College has only one undergraduate degree, a bachelor’s of science in business administration. Students can choose to … More

College News and Fun Facts: Case Western Reserve University

Did you know Craigslist’s founder is a Case Western alumni? Craig Newmark graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1975. Edward Morley determined the atomic weight of oxygen in a laboratory at Case Western Reserve University. The 2004 Vice … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Chicago

In a nod to their philosophical rigor, one of the student-run coffee shops on campus is called “Grounds of Being.” One of the libraries on campus, the Mansueto Library, has the capacity to house 3.5 million volumes. Similarly, this building … More

College News and Fun Facts: Barnard College

When it was founded in 1889, Barnard was one of very few American colleges where women could receive the same challenging education as men did. The College was named after Frederick A.P. Barnard, then the 10th president of Columbia University, … More

College News and Fun Facts: California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The Caltech mascot is the beaver—an homage to nature’s engineer. Caltech’s founding fathers—astronomer George Ellery Hale, physicist Robert Andrews Millikan, and chemist Arthur Amos Noyes—were nicknamed “Tinker, Thinker, and Stinker.” Beginning in 2007, the campus hosted fall olive harvest festivals … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of Washington

Tree Campus USA. In 2009, the UW became the first college in Washington state to be declared a “Tree Campus USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation, recognizing the UW’s dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship. Color: Purple and … More

College News and Fun Facts: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

CROSSTOWN RIVALRY. Of all the Bruin traditions, none is more beloved than those that taunt and tease our crosstown rival USC. The rivalry hearkens back to the university’s fledgling days as the Southern Branch, when USC students would mock Southern … More

College News and Fun Facts: Bowdoin College

What do the CEO of Netflix (Reed Hastings), co-founder of Subway (Peter Buck), and President Franklin Pierce have in common? That’s right – they’re all Bowdoin College alumni. Well-known American authors Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow both graduated Bowdoin … More

College News and Fun Facts: Amherst College

For almost two centuries, Amherst has been educating a talented, diverse student body. Amherst’s historical “firsts” include the world’s first intercollegiate baseball game, the country’s first collegiate athletics program and the nation’s first undergraduate neuroscience program. The first (and so … More

College News and Fun Facts: Mount Holyoke College

A partial list of accomplishments by Mount Holyoke alumnae and teacher scientists: First person to collect weather data in the U.S. First woman specialist in aerospace medicine. Pangy Day. In 1979, Pangynaskeia (now commonly called “Pangy Day”) debuted as a … More

College Traditions: Kenyon College (Gambier, OH)

Kenyon College (Gambier, OH): No stage fright allowed at Kenyon, the singing school! Freshmen sing in front of the school during matriculation week, and at graduation, seniors sing in front of their families.

College News and Fun Facts: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Along with North Carolina citizens, the school’s athletic teams are referred to as the North Carolina Tar Heels, but what exactly is a tar heel? There are two possible origins. The first: during the revolutionary war, British troops found their … More

MIT’s Research Science Institute (RSI) released its admission decisions yesterday. Kudos to our student!

MIT’s Research Science Institute (RSI) released its admission decisions yesterday. Kudos to our student! This year, eighty high school juniors are chosen for their “superior achievement and leadership in math, science and engineering.” About one third of admitted students are from … More

MIT released its admissions decision on Pi Day. Eight IvyClimbing students were admitted (14 applied). Our students have achieved the impossible.

MIT released its admissions decision on Pi Day at 6:28 p.m. in its wonderfully nerdy tradition. Eight IvyClimbing students were admitted (14 applied). Our students have achieved the impossible. They get better when the competition gets tougher. Congratulations to these … More

Stanford sent out admission early notification to one IvyClimbing student on March 3, while Stanford admitted a total of 9 IvyClimbing students this year

Stanford sent out admission early notification to one IvyClimbing student on March 3, while a total of 9 IvyClimbing students were admitted by Stanford this year, another record year at Stanford and IvyClimbing where our students reached their goals. Congratulations!

Students applied early to Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and Caltech all got in. We achieved a 100% acceptance rate on these four colleges.

Students who applied early to Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and Caltech all got in. We achieved a 100% acceptance rate on these four colleges. Congrats!

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Physics Team.

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Physics Team. Sound exciting? You can learn all about the physics team on the American Association of Physics Teachers’ website. Congratulations to our student for this amazing achievement!

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Math Team.

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Math Team. Want to know how it works? You can go to the Art of Problem Solving website to learn more about the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program. Congratulations to our very talented student! … More

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Computing Olympiad Team

An IvyClimbing student made the 2015 US Computing Olympiad Team and represented the US at the 2015 International Olympiad in Informatics in Almaty, Kazakhstan! To improve your programming and problem-solving intuition, USACO provides free instructions and practice problems through their … More

An IvyClimbing student conducted materials science research at MIT’s Research Science Institute (RSI) Program.

An IvyClimbing student conducted materials science research at MIT’s Research Science Institute (RSI) Program. This summer, over six weeks with MIT professors and graduate students, our student investigated the impact of battery use on the environment.

Students in Williams College work with the Mystic Seaport Museum.

Williams College (Williamstown, MA): In the Williams-Mystic Program, students work with the Mystic Seaport Museum on various maritime projects–including learning to build a wooden boat, and/or completing a ten-day sea voyage.

Students in New Pomona Class Acquire Art for Museum.

A new class at Pomona, Museum Collecting, “was created to give students a behind-the-scenes look at the detailed process of art acquisition and museum curating.” The class culminated in the students choosing one new work of art for the Pomona … More

Students at Barnard College can enroll in classes at Columbia University

College Fun Fact: Students at Barnard College can enroll in classes at Columbia University, taking advantage of both the women’s college community and the resources of a larger university. Located in NYC’s Manhattan district, Barnard is the place to be for girls … More

Did you know that Colorado College students only take one class at a time?

College Fun Fact: Did you know that Colorado College students only take one class at a time? On the college’s unique block system, students enroll for one class, with class sessions lasting 3 hours a day for 3.5 weeks. Students at CC … More

Occidental College is one of the only liberal arts colleges located right in the middle of a bustling city—LA!

College Fun Fact: Occidental College is one of the only liberal arts colleges located right in the middle of a bustling city—LA! With its close-knit community and its urban setting, Oxy is the best of both worlds for a student looking … More

Scripps College is the only school on the West Coast that offers an art conservation program.

College Fun Fact: Does getting lost in a museum sound like your kind of afternoon? Scripps College, a women’s college in the 5-school Claremont Consortium in southern California, is the only school on the West Coast that offers an art conservation … More

IvyClimbing students will attend UCLA this fall.

At UCLA, you can study music with jazz great Herbie Hancock, or be inspired in film work by the success of UCLA alumna Ava DuVernay, director of Selma. Who knows what you’ll do? As Ava DuVernay says, “It’s okay to … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Berkeley this fall.

With amazing new research coming out on the economy (low-wage workers are doing worse than we think), astronomy (a new Earth, anyone?), and more, Berkeley is abuzz with that energy that has made this school a dynamo in so many … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Duke.

“Duke students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to participate in the Duke Global Baton, a shared Instagram account that will travel the circumference of the globe—almost 25,000 miles—in 90 days this summer. With each handoff, the Duke Global Baton … More

IvyClimbing student will attend Johns Hopkins University.

Sure you know about JHU’s medicine and law programs, but have you heard about their Baja team? “Each year, theHopkins Baja team designs and builds a single-seat off-road vehicle that can withstand rough terrain. The competition includes dynamic events (such as … More

IvyClimbing students will attend UChicago.

US News & World Report ranks UChicago #4! UChicago students participate in a variety of exciting projects: they work with Habitat for Humanity, study cost savings in cardiac care, and study with faculty members like Cathy Cohen, author of Democracy … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Pitzer this fall.

Pitzer alumnae are writers and violence prevention activists. Pitzer professors are studying bats in Borneo. For five years in a row, Pitzer students and alumni have led the nation in Fulbright Fellowships. Who knows what our students will do with … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Carnegie Mellon University this fall.

At CMU’s Meeting of the Minds symposium, undergraduate students from all disciplines have the opportunity to present their work: “There are scientific poster sessions, plans for robotic wheelchairs, PowerPoint presentations, poetry readings, and short films side by side.” Grants are … More

IvyClimbing student admitted to WashU from waitlist.

It can happen: our student made it off the waitlist, and was admitted to Washington University. With its flexible interdisciplinary programs of study and its popular dorms (ranked #2 by The Princeton Review), there’s lots to enjoy at WashU. (Class of … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Stanford this fall.

Maybe it’s something that happened at Admit Weekend. Maybe it’s knowing how many amazing pieces are housed at the Cantor Arts Center, or the chance to build a basketball-shooting robot in Mechanical Engineering 210. Whatever it is, all we know … More

IvyClimbing students will attend Yale this fall.

Ranked #1 in fine arts and with excellent programs across the disciplines, Yale is a dream school for many. We wish our students the best as they join a tradition of scholarship dating back to the 1640s. (Class of 2015)

IvyClimbing students were admitted to MIT.

For students who want to be at the cutting edge of technological innovation, and who want to try a stint in the “Big East” as a change from sunny California, MIT is the dream school! (Class of 2015)

This summer, one IvyClimbing student will attend MIT Launch.

“MIT Launch is a 4-week entrepreneurship program for high school students, teaching students the entrepreneurial skill set and mindset through starting real companies. Students go through rigorous coursework, collaborate with peers and mentors, and use the multitude of tools surrounding … More

This summer, two IvyClimbing students will conduct research at the University of Iowa’s Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP).

During this five-week residential program, students work alongside faculty mentors in the university’s labs, and produce a research project or paper.

IvyClimbing student breaks diving record.

Our student recently competed at a high school invitational, where she broke the school record for an 11-dive meet. She is a winner of an All-American Diving Award (9th), given to the top 100 divers in the country. Congratulations!

New SAT coming spring 2016!

You can read more about it from College Board here.

IvyClimbing student will do research this summer with the University of Florida Student Science Training Program (UF SSTP).

“The UF SSTP is a seven week residential research program for selected rising juniors and seniors who are considering medicine, math, computer, science, or engineering careers. The program emphasis is research participation with a UF faculty research scientist and his … More

IvyClimbing student will do research this summer with COSMOS on UC campuses.

“COSMOS is a four-week residential program for talented and motivated students completing grades eight through twelve. Students work side-by-side with outstanding university researchers and faculty exploring advanced topics that extend beyond the typical high school curriculum. COSMOS courses are hands-on … More

IvyClimbing student to attend International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP).

This international program only accepted 36 kids this year. Congratulations!

IvyClimbing students to attend various summer programs at Carleton College.

This year, IvyClimbing students will enjoy the Summer Science Institute, the Summer Quantitative Reasoning Institute, and the Summer Humanities Institute. Students will conduct research and feel the vibe at Carleton College, a small liberal arts college outside of Minneapolis.

Two IvyClimbing students to attend Canada/USA Mathcamp.

Canada/USA Mathcamp is an intensive 5-week-long summer program for mathematically talented high school students. At Mathcamp, students explore undergraduate and even graduate-level topics while building problem-solving skills that will help them in any field they choose to study.

IvyClimbing student will conduct summer research in the Arctic!

An IvyClimbing student who attends The Harker School will conduct field research in the Arctic this summer. If she doesn’t end her summer with good stories for her college admissions essays, no one will.

IvyClimbing students will try field research in Yosemite this summer through NatureBridge’s Yosemite Summer Field Research Course.

Some students light up right away at the idea of doing research while backpacking in Yosemite. Some look suspicious, or downright scared. But almost everyone who attends this program both enjoys it and comes home with good stories–and good stories … More

IvyClimbing appealed to UC Berkeley and student gained acceptance.

Congratulations! (Class of 2015)

IvyClimbing student accepted into Barnard’s Entrepreneurs in Training program.

New York City is the global capital for women entrepreneurs, and women selected to attend this 11-day program learn how to launch their own startups from successful women founders and CEOs.

IvyClimbing student selected for Stanford Canary Internship.

One IvyClimbing student was selected from 73 applicants (which included college undergrads) for Stanford’s Canary internship, held at a research center dedicated to early cancer detection research. Canary Center interns will work in faculty labs for a 10-week internship in … More

Three IvyClimbing students have been taken off the waitlists – WashU, Penn, and Harvard respectively.

Congratuations, Class of 2015!

Four IvyClimbing students have been accepted to the Science Internship Program (SIP), hosted by UC Santa Cruz.

The SIP program is among the lengthiest summer research programs offered to high school students, clocking in at ten weeks on the UC Santa Cruz campus. This allows students to really dig in to their work, contributing to research in … More

Two IvyClimbing students have been accepted to the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio.

Literary types know that Iowa means excellence in creative writing instruction: Iowa’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is ranked #1. Thus, their Young Writers’ Studio is the most prestigious program of its kind in the nation. With workshop titles … More

IvyClimbing student admitted to the Simons Program at Stony Brook University.

At this selective summer research program, Simons fellows “engage in hands-on research in science, math or engineering at Stony Brook University. Simons Fellows work with distinguished faculty mentors, learn laboratory techniques and tools, become part of active research teams, and … More

IvyClimbing student admitted to Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR).

Not everyone who attends a medical research program aspires to be a doctor: this year’s SIMR participant from IvyClimbing is a genetics and programming whiz who is fascinated by bioinformatics. You don’t have to be into the “squishy stuff” to … More

IvyClimbing is recognized as a 2013 Constant Contact All Star.

You shine brightly for your customers; welcome to the Constant Contact All Star. Again. Your efforts last year to reach your customers and engage with them were exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively. And we certainly noticed. That’s … More

IvyClimbing is recognized as a 2012 Constant Contact All Star

IvyClimbing is recognized as a 2012 Constant Contact All Star. Being an All Star means that “your efforts last year to reach your customers and engage with them were exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively. And we certainly noticed. That’s why we’re … More

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