College News and Fun Facts: Colorado College

A New College in a New City. The college’s first building, Cutler Hall, was occupied in 1880; the first bachelor’s degrees were conferred in 1882. Under President William F. Slocum, who served from 1888 to 1917, the campus took the shape it held until the 1950s. During this time, the college reached scholarly maturity, especially by significantly expanding and improving the library’s holdings and by attracting leading scholars in a number of fields. Phi Beta Kappa was chartered in 1904.

Pizza Problems. A longstanding tradition in the CC Math Department has been our Pizza Problems. These will be posted in the math department roughly once a block, and give you a chance to win a pizza by solving a math or computer science problem. You can work by yourself or in a group. You can use your calculator or even a computer if you like. Sometimes it is the first solution turned in that wins the pizza; sometimes it is the best solution (whatever that means).

  • Color: Gold and Black
  • Mascot: Prowler
  • Admit Rate: 15% (Class of 2022). Read more