College News and Fun Facts: Emory University

Dooley’s Week: Dooley, a skeleton used in the biology department in 1899, became the unofficial mascot and guardian of school spirit at Emory. Once every year during Spring an unidentified student dresses up as Dooley and upholds school spirit and creates mild mischief. The student even has the ability to end a class early just by walking in and declaring the class to be over!

Perfect for Writers: Considered one of the best writing programs in the United States, Emory was ranked #1 for writers by Huffington Post and USA Today.

Oxford Olympics: At the start of each year every dorm on campus takes part in a day of Olympic activity, competing against one another in tug of wars and water balloon fights!

Wonderful Wednesdays: Wednesdays are wonderful at Emory College, thanks to Wonderful Wednesdays. For many years, Emory College held no classes on Wednesdays; that’s no longer true, but the day remains special. These days, Wonderful Wednesdays encourage school spirit as the entire Emory community gathers at Asbury Circle on Wednesday afternoons.

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  • Color: Blue and Gold
  • Mascot: Dooley and Swoop
  • Admit Rate: Emory College: 18.5% (Class of 2022).  Read more