College News and Fun Facts: Tufts University

“The Daily Cannon” is a beloved student tradition of vandalism. A replica of a U.S.S. Constitution cannon, the Tufts Cannon is painted over on a nightly basis with campus event details and even specific messages such as retirement well wishes and marriage proposals. If more than one group wants to paint the cannon on the same night, the first to get there will camp out to fend off latecomers. The Cannon even has its own instagram account: @Tufts_Cannon. Source

According to local lore, when a relative asked Charles Tufts what he would do with his land, specifically with “that bleak hill over in Medford,” Tufts replied, “I will put a light on it.” To honor this quote, every freshman lights a candle on the President’s Lawn on the first night on campus. The candle lighting ceremony is repeated the night before graduation—some students even save their freshman year candles to re-use 4 years later. Source

  • Color: Brown and Tufts Blue
  • Mascot: Jumbo the Elephant
  • Admit Rate: 14.6% (Class of 2022). Read more