College News and Fun Facts: University of Notre Dame

In Fisher Hall, it’s the Fisher Regatta, a one-on-one boat racing tournament held each April on St. Mary’s Lake that is open to all dorms, with most halls entering at least one home-made watercraft. Usually drawing more than 1,000 participants with boats resembling anything from a pirate ship to a basketball court, the Regatta is the culmination of countless hours of hard work and dedication. Source

The architecture of the South Dining Hall is reminiscent of a medieval Guild Hall. It reminds many people of Harry Potter, which prompted food services to host the first Harry Potter-themed dinner in 2009. This is now an annual tradition! Source

  • Color: Gold and Blue
  • Mascot: Leprechaun
  • Admit Rate: 17.7% (Class of 2022). Read more