Vassar College

DAISY CHAIN. As far back as 1889, daisies were used to decorate the chapel for Class Day, the day before Commencement The sophomore class, “sister” class to the seniors, picked the daisies (from the field where the residential quad now stands) and wove them into a chain to mark off the section of the chapel reserved for the seniors. In 1894 as the seniors were marching from the chapel to their class tree, Ruth Stickney, the senior class marshal, had a sudden inspiration. “Come on down, Sophs, and carry the chain,” she called to the girls in the gallery. They did so, and a tradition was born. Source

  • Color: Rose, Maroon and Grey
  • Mascot: The Brewer
  • Admit Rate: 24.6% (Class of 2022). Read more